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Kick-Ass Corporate Wife

If you are a fan of Gary Chapman's "The 5 Love Languages," this is the book you will carry around with you until you get to the end.  "Kick-Ass Corporate Wife" reveals 5 steps to creating a foundation for your marriage.

The 21st Century Corporate Wife is not some stodgy, old-fashioned, appendage position.  This traditional role that may seem dead in it's tracks has been resurrected.  It is quite different than it used to be: the role of the Kick-Ass Corporate Wife is neither all about her husband, or about her husband calling all the shots.  It is about the woman behind the scenes of every shot.  It is about the woman who isn't in the spotlight.

Maybe you don't see yourself as a Corporate Wife, or maybe you aren't a Corporate Wife, or even a wife!  But I hope you will consider the possibility that you can relate to and grow from this book's exploration of character.


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About Me

Susan Burlingame is the author of Kick-Ass Corporate Wife. Susan resides in Southern California with her husband, Kevin. When she's not writing, producing, or traveling, you can find Susan walking her dog, Sailor.

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