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Kick-Ass Corporate Wife

Kick-Ass Corporate Wife is an empowering & encouraging guidebook for the wife of a decision maker, revealing 10 "secret" traits of remarkable character.

Your journey to creating a foundation for your marriage begins with these 5 steps:

  • One:  Vision

  • Two:  A Step

  • Three:  Acceleration

  • Four:  Authority

  • Five:  Contribution

Kick-Ass Corporate Wife offers you unique insights and encouragement in your role as a Corporate Wife so that you can create a foundation for your marriage.  As you put the principles found in the pages of this book to work today, you will begin to discover the most important thing about your role as a wife:  your exploration of character.

There is more. . .Become more. . .YOU are more!

You've got what it takes to be a Kick-Ass Corporate Wife!

Available in Kindle, Hardcover, & Paperback.  

Get your copy of Kick-Ass Corporate Wife today!



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